Strategic Alliances

As a company in business for over 25 years, we recognize the importance of strategic alliances. These alliances allow us to pool resources, break into new sectors and market segments, provide access to key technologies, gives us the ability to learn from our partners and supports alternatives to higher cost providers which all pave the way in creating enhanced value to our clients.


Founded in 1994 by Len Suzio, GeoDataVision has provided community and mid-size banks sophisticated CRA performance evaluations and market data analysis. GeoDataVision provides community banks the significant benefits of computerized mapping(“GIS”) and expert CRA and HMDA advice.

Modern Capital

Modern Capital is a US based investment firm that provides specific income and growth focused asset management strategies to financial advisors and financial institutions through its mutual fund and model portfolio products. With decades of extensive asset management experience, our goal is to turn your clients’ vision into reality with a decidedly modern approach to investment management.