About The Firm

In 1996 a group of experienced bankers and auditors came together to form a company that would go the extra mile to provide the depth of knowledge found at a large institution with the service and community focus that community-based institutions provide. M&M was born to serve New England institutions with the kind of practical and knowledgeable advice that is a hallmark of our region. We do our homework and we treat each of our clients as unique institutions with specialized needs and preferences.

M&M has grown primarily by word of mouth referrals from satisfied clients. There was never a plan to grow throughout New England and the Northeast, it just happened organically. We have always believed in Strength and Strategy – we try to make our clients stronger and we proactively try to help provide strategic solutions that make sense for the client.

We’ve always had three service divisions, even when we only had three employees! M&M has always stood for an interdisciplinary approach to risk management. Our integrated services ensure that nothing is missed, and it cuts down on duplication and overlap in audit services. M&M ensures strong checks and balances throughout the process, regardless of which division is performing the audit.

Today M&M covers the New England region with a team of over three dozen experienced professionals, including attorneys, CPAs and former senior managers of community and regional banking organizations. All M&M consultants are staff members; we don’t use sub-contractors or “hired guns”. We commit to top-quality benefits and training for our staff to recruit and retain highly competent individuals who are focused on the needs of our clients.

M&M is committed to client confidentiality and top flight data security. We are glad to answer questions on how we are continually monitoring and improving our practices as the industry evolves.

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