Our People

M&M Consulting is a team of subject matter experts; we give practical advice and we work efficiently. Many of our staff have been with us for a decade or more, adding further value to our client relationships.

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News and Publications

Stay up to date with industry news and with M&M’s original newsletter, Practical Compliance. M&M clients also have access to original content including the M&M Survivors’ Guides, comprehensive resource guides on a variety of regulatory compliance topics.

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Our Services

M&M Consulting provides comprehensive risk management services for financial institutions. Our robust audit programs go far beyond a “check the box” review at a very competitive price.

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M&M stands for Momentum. We help make financial institutions stronger by getting risk management right. Our company is a team of subject matter experts working collaboratively for the benefit of our clients. We go the distance every day to provide prompt, timely research. We protect the present while assuring the future.


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The feeling you get when the team is working together, accomplishing goals, free to focus on excellence.  Not just meeting but exceeding expectations in multiple ways.

The work of community-based financial institutions is the important work of our time, the building and rebuilding of new economies that can compete in the 21st century.  Communities can only thrive with great financial institutions, and great financial institutions need great teams.

M&M stands for Momentum.  We help make financial institutions stronger by getting risk management right.  Our company is a team of subject matter experts working collaboratively for the benefit of our clients.  We go the distance every day to provide prompt, timely research.  We protect the present while assuring the future.


Institutions that are approaching $1 Billion in assets need to comply with FDICIA – as part of this the institution will need to adopt a framework for internal controls – M&M Consulting has helped several clients develop strategies to comply with FDICIA requirements and make the leap into this higher level of internal controls without spending a fortune or adding to staff.


ALLL calculations are about to change with CECL, adding to the conflicts that can exist between the regulators who care about safety and soundness and the accountants who worry about compliance with FASB rules – sometimes the two interests don’t seem to jibe.  M&M can assist with ensuring that all accounting standards are met when calculating the ALLL and when identifying problem assets – impaired loans and TDRs.  M&M has also helped clients navigate the challenges of returning problem credits to accrual status and in dealing with the vagaries of purchase accounting.


M&M staff go the extra mile on AML validation audits -- Regulators are looking more closely at the automated software that institutions use to assist in their anti-money laundering efforts.  If the system is not set up properly then it won’t give meaningful alerts – it will produce either too many or not enough.  Increasingly the regulators want to see an independent audit of the AML software.  M&M staff took this to heart and attended user conferences for several of the leading providers of AML software.  We wanted to truly understand the way that these platforms are built in order to help our clients get the best results from these powerful tools.


TRID – it’s complex and sometimes frustrating – some lenders have even taken to calling it “DIRT” – M&M was ahead of the curve on TRID by providing conferences, webinars and guidance documents in 2014 and continuing through the October 1, 2015 TRID implementation date up to today – M&M even published The Survivor’s Guide to TRID” back in the summer of 2014 and trained our 2015 Compliance Conference participants on TRID for a day and a half.  Our Answer Person hotline was fully staffed for the implementation date and remains available every day for M&M clients to pose questions and get answers in writing.

Compliance Audit

Regulatory compliance is changing – quickly.  M&M’s staff is constantly adding to its audit templates to not only keep up with the regulations but to perform valuable and meaningful services for our clients.  M&M was an early adopter of the Compliance Audit frameworks that regulators look for today.  Our audit programs meet regulatory standards and have been accepted by all of the federal regulators and by state examiners as well.  But M&M also believes in education and advice; we help our clients avoid the pitfalls and violations in the first place!

M&M Consulting's Secure Portals

Protecting the present while assuring the future.  Our team of IT experts work to make sure all client information sent through a portal is secure. Every day our IT staff strive to provide prompt, timely research on new ideas and innovative concepts to insure the safety of your client’s information.