Our Mission

Delivering Strength & Strategy, we strengthen financial institutions by getting risk management right and leveraging our subject matter experts to deliver specialized strategies.

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About Us

Our company is a team of subject matter experts working collaboratively for the benefit of our clients.

We deliver cost effective, efficient, and impactful risk management services & solutions to the financial industry and go the distance every day to provide prompt, timely, and intuitive research.

We protect your “today” to assure your “tomorrow”.

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Internal Audit

Ensuring effective internal controls and preparation for the unexpected

M&M’s team of experienced and certified internal auditors brings a wealth of risk management expertise to community financial institutions. We offer a complete outsourcing solution as well as co-sourcing of individual financial and operational audits.

Specialization includes SOX and FDICIA controls consulting, documentation, and related testing; information technology audits; audits of wealth management activities; asset and liability management/liquidity audits; electronic banking audits; and much more.

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Loan Review

Building a Foundation of Safety and Stability to Grow Revenues and Relationships

All good loan review consultants ensure that the institution’s risk ratings are solid, but not all firms go the extra mile like M&M Consulting does.

Let us show you how we can help credit professionals and boards of directors achieve peace of mind.

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Compliance Auditing
& Monitoring

A Team of Experts in All Areas of Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory compliance for financial institutions is continuously evolving and increasing in complexity. Our Compliance Division encompasses a team of industry experts with high level knowledge and experience in regulatory compliance.

We take a risk-based approach tailored specifically to the financial institution; we never look for a “one size fits all” solution. Our goal is to develop the right program for your financial institution so that safety and efficiency go hand in hand.

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