M&M Consulting’s Secure Portals

We protect the present while assuring the future. Our team of IT experts work to make sure all client information sent through a portal is secure. Every day our IT staff strive to provide prompt, timely research on new ideas and innovative concepts to insure the safety of your client’s information.

What is SharePoint?

SharePoint is a web- based, collaborative platform that integrates with Microsoft office. SharePoint is used as a secure place to store, organize, share, and access information from almost any device. All that is needed is a web browser.

What is a Portal? 

M&M uses portals to transfer files to and from our clients.

The portal will also be used to archive items such as final reports, issue tracking documents, audit committee material, and electronic work papers.

Every Portal is set up with a home page. Once on this page, you can navigate to the sub- portal you’re looking for (Compliance, Loan Review and/or Audit). All sub-portals function in similar manner to each other.

Are Portals Secure?

At M&M, we like to keep everything safe and secure for you, our client and M&M.

Each portal is created by our IT staff. Any individual from the client that needs access to the portal is given a username and temporary password to access the portal. These usernames/temporary passwords are generated in house by M&M as to make sure that only the correct people have access to the portal. The user, upon first log in, will be able to create the permanent password.

Permissions within the portal are provided by M&M’s IT staff and are assigned on the basis of “Least Privilege”. These permissions are monitored by the IT Staff by using a software reporting system.

SharePoint Portals provide anti- malware protection for all files uploaded and saved to the document libraries. The protection is provided by Microsoft’s anti-malware engine that is also integrated into Exchange.

SharePoint Online Encryption at rest will provide BitLocker encryption by default on all customer document libraries, users’ and site data that resides in the Office 365 data-centers. Per-file encryption will encrypt every individual file stored in SharePoint Online with its own unique key. SharePoint Online always provides encryption in-transit.

M&M Employees are required to use multi-factor authentication to access Share- Point. Only authorized employees with a direct need are permitted to access a clients portal.

Periodically an email will be sent out to double check with the client on who has access and if any individuals need to be add- ed or deleted from receiving access.