M&M Consulting Monthly Trainings

Join M&M Consulting LLC for our monthly trainings in 2022. Please complete the form below by selecting the trainings you would like to attend. There are two training options this year: You can select all 9 training sessions at a discounted rate, or you can select each individual session at a rate of $150 per session. Please see our sessions below:

Each session will begin at 8:30 on the date(s) selected and will run one hour.

*Please note that registration through this page is for an individual. If you would like to register more than one person at a time, please use the same link and complete the registration with the new person.

Webinar links to the sessions you have registered for will go out the Monday before each training.

  • 2/25/22- Flood Insurance
    • Current Laws 
    • Documents Required and When
    • Monitoring
    • Force Placement
    • Recent Issues
  • 3/25/22- HMDA
    • Covered Loans
    • Transactions Covered
    • GMI and taking application
    • Commercial/Business Purpose
    • Pre-Qual vs. Pre-Approval
  • 4/22/22- Insider Lending- Reg.O
    • What is insider
    • Extension of Credit Restrictions
    • Overdrafts
    • Demand Provisions
    • Monitoring
  • 5/27/22- AML Act of 2020 Updates- This has been postponed to a later date. 
    • Implementing Regulations
    • Beneficial Ownership Reporting
    • Reviews and Studies
  • 6/24/22- Cash Management Services
    • Opportunities for non-interest income and enhance relationships
    • Considerations for strategy and organizational structure
    • Overcoming Potential Risk and Control Challenges
  • 7/29/22- MLA/SCRA
    • Relation between both Acts
    • Coverage
    • Restrictions
    • What is required of FI
    • What is required of customer
  • 8/26/22- TRID
    • LE and CD challenges with timing
    • Intent to proceed & limitations
    • Listing cost and out of ordinary expenses
  • 10/21/22- Blockchain, Fintech and Cryptocurrency
    • Blockchain technology basics
    • Understanding cryptocurrency
    • Fintech digital transformation and financial services 
    • Regulatory environment
  • 11/18/22- Climate Change
    • Background
    • Regulator Perspective
    • Risk Assessment
    • Integrate into ERM framework

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