CRA NPR Webinar

Thank you for attending our webinar on the CRA NPR: Five-Alarm Fire in the Making for Banks. If you missed the webinar and would still like to access it, please scroll to the bottom of this page and submit your email address and payment information. Once submitted, you will receive a follow up email with access to the recording. 

The 2022 CRA NPR contains entirely new concepts, terms, and phrases. The webinar covered important concepts and terminology and issues and questions every banker should be concerned about and comment on before the August 5, comment period deadline. Below you will find the topics that were covered in the webinar. 

  • Why does the NPR represent a real potential problem for banks?
  • We’re a “small bank” and there are no significant changes for small banks, right? Wrong!!
  • What is a “Retail Lending Assessment Area”?
  • How will lending volume adequacy be measured according to the NPR?
  • Is it true that “large” banks will have their lending performance outside their Assessment Areas evaluated too?
  • How is a “major product line” defined?
  • What’s the difference between a “conclusion” and a “rating”?
  • How will “community development” be defined and measured?
  • What will be the new definition of small business and small farm?
  • What will be the impact on Intermediate-small banks?
  • What are the proposed “Market” and “Community” Benchmarks?
  • What are the “multipliers” used to develop a “calibrated” “conclusion” for the Retail Lending Test?
  • How are “scores” derived from conclusions?
  • How is an institutional performance rating determined?

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